SB 1834 Alarcón : Housing, Landlords (Ellis Act)


Summary: SB 1834 would require documentation of age or disability in order to permit a tenant to reside in an apartment after a landlord begins the process to withdraw the accommodation from the rental market.

Background: The Ellis Act allows a tenant who has lived in their apartment for at least one year and is at least 62 years of age or disabled to remain in their apartment for one year if the tenant provides the owner with written notice of their entitlement.

Problem: The Ellis Act is silent as to the type of documentation required, if any, to demonstrate age or disability. In Los Angeles, while tenants provided the landlords with a written notice that they were entitled to the one year extension of time, the landlords denied their requests because the tenants didn't provide documentation or didn't provide the 'right kind' of documentation to support their request.

Solution: The bill would require a tenant to provide a landlord written notification of a tenant's entitlement to the one year extension of time and should also include tenant’s documentation of age or disability.

STATUS: Introduced by Senator Richard Alarcón on February 23, 2006


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