April 5, 2006


RE: Support SB 1834 - Amendments to the Ellis Act


Dear Supporter:

We are writing to ask you to support SB 1834 - Amendments to the Ellis Act. We believe that this is an important step in improving the implementation of the Ellis Act (Gov. Code Section 7060).

While the Ellis Act provides all tenants with a minimum 120 days to vacate their apartment, the statute extends this time requirement to one year for seniors and disabled tenants. But the statute is not clear as to when and if the tenant requesting the entitlement must provide documentation of their age or disability.

SB 1834 will amend the Ellis Act to be specific as to when and what documentation must be provided. These guidelines will assist both the landlord and the tenant in complying with the Ellis Act. No longer can landlords use the excuse that the tenant did not provide proof of their age or disability, or claim that the tenant did not provide the right kind of proof in order to be entitled to the one year extension.

Enclosed you will find a Fact Sheet on SB 1834, a sample support letter, and a list of people to send your letter of support.

We thank you for your interest and concern about protecting tenants from unscrupulous landlords who want to misuse the Ellis Act. The hearing before the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee is scheduled for May 2 and letters of support should arrive by 5 PM on Tuesday, April 25th. (Note: Because time is of the essence, please fax your letter of support. Thank you.)


Jan Book

Member of Lincoln Place Tenants Association